City of Hot Springs rolls back ban on medical marijuana business applications

July 24, 2017
Hot Springs, AR

By Meredith Mitchell, KTHV

Hot Springs, Ark. (KTHV) - The city of Hot Springs lifted its moratorium on cultivating and dispensing medical marijuana.

The decision came after the state began accepting applications from potential growers and dispensaries.

"I just think it has such wonderful uses. Why would Hot Springs not benefit from it," said Brian Albright, the city attorney.

Recently, the city of Hot Springs rolled back its ban on medical marijuana businesses. The Hot Springs Board of Directors adopted an ordinance repealing the 90-day moratorium on issuing business licenses for medical marijuana dispensaries and cultivation facilities.

"There had been a moratorium on applications for a request for zoning locations for medical marijuana whether it be a dispensary or cultivation center until we had firm guidelines from the state," said Albright.

The board imposed the moratorium out of concern that the city's application process for medical marijuana business licenses would conflict with state rules.

"We feel comfortable that we can go forward with receiving applications from individuals or companies who are interested in engaging in this type of business," he added.

And the city is even adopting a resolution to show it's not opposed to medical marijuana enterprise operating in the corporate limits.

Albright said, "Up to this point we haven't been able to receive written applications, we can do that now."

The city will consider a resolution supporting the establishment of medical marijuana businesses in Hot Springs at Tuesday night’s city board meeting.

Any applicant looking to sell or grow marijuana in Hot Springs must be approved by the state first. The deadline for those applications is Sept. 18 for anyone in Arkansas.

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