Company caught in Merritt without a business license again

October 30, 2017

By Michael Potestio

Salespeople from a furnace company were caught soliciting in Merritt without a business license for the second time this year.

Both Merritt RCMP and the City of Merritt’s bylaw office received complaints from residents yesterday regarding pushy door-to-door salespeople.

“Some folks weren’t appreciating their style of business or how they were communicating with people,” said bylaw officer Elizabeth Biggs.

While the company is a legitimate one, the salespeople were told to cease operations until they obtained a business license to operate in Merritt.

“Whether they will [obtain a business license] or not, I don’t know,” said Biggs.

Salespeople from the company were told to cease operations back in March for the same reason.

“Unfortunately, with Merritt being where it’s located, we’re going to always have businesses that sneak in for a day like they [were] doing,” Biggs said.

All salespeople working in the Merritt area are required to have a business license from the City of Merritt and must produce it on request. Those who are operating without one can be issued a ticket from the bylaw office.

When dealing with door-to-door salespeople, do not allow them to rush you into a sale and ensure you take the time to do your due diligence on the company and product they’re selling, RCMP advise.

“Sometimes they can get a little bit pushy and not take no for an answer, and some people find that quite intimidating,” said RCMP Const. Tracy Dunsmore. said, noting that residents do not have to allow them in their home.