Cops: If you’re doing business, get a license

August 7, 2017
Jackson, WY

By Emily Mieure | Jackson Hole Daily

A shop just off Town Square in Crabtree Corner was forced to close last week because it was operating without a business license, police said.

And it’s not the only one, they said.

Elevation by Salvador Dali, a store that sold high-end anti-aging skin care creams, was operating for a month without a license, according to police.

The Jackson Police Department cited the business and forced it to close until owners paid for proper licensing.

“What happened here is very hard,” store owner Joivanni Belinni told the Jackson Hole Daily in a Thursday phone interview. “We are going to reopen either [today] or Monday.”

Belinni said he thought he got the business license when he applied for a tax permit, suggesting that it was a misunderstanding.

But police aren’t so sure.

“There are quite a number of businesses in the town of Jackson doing business without a license,” Jackson Police Lt. Roger Schultz said.

Jackson police now have a full-time code enforcement officer, which means there’s someone focusing solely on town code violations.

“If you’ve been operating a business without a license and you’ve been getting away with it,” Schultz said, “that’s going to come to an end very soon.”

Schultz estimates there are around 100 businesses in Jackson operating illegally and the police plan to shut them all down and force them to get proper licenses.

“We’re going to enforce it,” Schultz said. “People need to follow the law.”

Businesses can apply for licenses through the town of Jackson.

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