Glenview businesses will no longer have to renew business licenses each year beginning in January

December 27, 2016
Glenview, IL

By Alexandra Kukulka

Beginning Jan. 1, 2017, Glenview businesses will no longer be required to annually renew their business licenses, though restaurants will have to pay an annual health inspection fee and first-time business license fees will increase.

The village's Board of Trustees voted 6-0 in November to eliminate the annual license renewal fee for both businesses and restaurants, which cost $35 and $40 respectively, according to Joe Kenney, the village's director of development.

Officials decided to get rid of the license renewal fee because the process of filling out applications, collecting money and following up with business owners who missed the deadline was time-consuming for village staff, Kenney said.

Each year, the village would mail out more than 1,400 notices for license renewals, and about 30 percent of business owners did not fill out the online application and pay the fee on time, Kenney said. If an owner didn't meet the deadline, village staff would then have to send letters to those businesses and call or even meet with the owners, he said.

"It was really a nuisance for the businesses and a burden for village staff to collect the renewal every year," Kenney said. "It was a very small fee to chase folks around for."

However, fire and health inspections will still be completed annually, which will help the village verify the validity of a business' license, he said.

Eliminating the license renewal fee will result in an estimated $44,000 loss in revenue to the village, Kenney said. But in a separate ordinance, which the board also approved in a 6-0 vote the same night, the board agreed to increase the first-time business license fee to $45 for businesses and $95 for restaurants, along with an annual $95 annual health inspection for restaurants to help "off-set costs of health inspections," he said.

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