Good Hope creating business license for door-to-door sales

April 12, 2018
Good Hope, AL

By Tyler Hanes

GOOD HOPE The City of Good Hope is considering a change to its business license ordinance that would create a separate license for door-to-door sales.

City Clerk Christie Chamblee brought the suggestion to the City Council during its meeting Monday night after receiving a business license application from Vector Marketing Corporation, a door-to-door knife sales company.

The license for Vector will be approved as the ordinance is currently written, but there could be a separate license that peddlers or door-to-door sales companies would have to apply for, she said.

"We can definitely make our ordinance more stringent," she said.

Chamblee said many other cities have a separate license for door-to-door sales that are more strict and cost more money, including the City of Cullman, which has a door-to-door business license that costs $500 per day.

The City Council agreed that there should be a change made that was more in line with other cities.

"I think it needs to be a daily thing," Councilman John Harris said.

City Attorney Rita Nicholas said she would prepare an amended ordinance that would make the requested changes.