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Open for Business? Kingwood council confused over business license approval process, Zigray: '“We have been rough on businesses and desperately need new business'
The Preston County News & Journal; Kingwood, WV
March 27, 2017

By Theresa Marthey | Staff Writer

KINGWOOD — Kingwood City Council voted to have all “brick and mortar” business licenses applications reviewed by the city zoning board before coming to City Council.

A debate about the application process occurred at last Tuesday night’s meeting. Members reached the agenda item for the approval of two business license applications: Shay & Yoho Law Office and the Last Hot Spot.

“Did these go to the zoning board before coming to us tonight,” City Recorder Bill Robertson asked.

City Clerk Mary Howell replied “no,” adding that the business license applications did not formally go before the zoning board before coming to Council.

“It was my understanding that I was to discuss the applications...  Read More