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In court filing, Seabrook justifies $7,000 fireworks license fee
Daily News; Seabrook, NH
June 27, 2017

By Angeljean Chiaramida | Staff Writer

SEABROOK — Town attorneys recently responded to the lawsuit filed by six local fireworks stores, claiming the town’s $7,000 fireworks license fee is too high.

The suit was filed in March by attorney Keri Marshall on behalf of Atomic Fireworks, Fantasy Fireworks, Fireworks Over the Border, Phantom Fireworks Showrooms, Rockingham Fireworks Manufacturing and Display, and Rudy Fireworks Enterprises. The plaintiffs claim that since other businesses in town, such as Walmart, pay only $25 per year to renew their annual businesses licenses, the $7,000 fee for fireworks stores is arbitrary, unreasonable, excessive, punitive, discriminatory, and, as a result, unconstitutional.

According to Marshall’s...  Read More