Property managers may now be required to get a business license

January 9, 2019
Yakima, WA

By Delmy Moran

YAKIMA, Wa. -- If you’re renting or leasing out homes or apartments you now may need to get a business license or be breaking the law.

As of Tuesday, the Washington State Legislature is requiring cities to adopt new language on business licenses.

Yakima City Spokesperson Randy Beehler says anyone who rents or leases property and makes more than $12,000 a year from rent or lease income needs to get a business license.

“It helps us tract that for a number of different reasons not the least of which is economic activity in town. It just gives us an inside into what’s going on and then we can provide services that meet the needs of that community," said Beehler.

Beehler says this means businesses who did not need a license before may need to get it now.

The state mandated cities expand the definition or engaging in business which now includes renting or leasing office buildings, apartments, duplexes, houses and much more.

Business Owner of EZ Fix Smart Phone Repair Johnny Rosales says it is a good idea to have this new change so that everyone can be accountable for their business no matter what type it is.

“In a way its good because they’ll be able to keep track of any business or all business that’s going on in Yakima, pretty much if you’re making money the city wants to be a part of it," Rosales.

In the fall of last year, the Yakima City Council followed the new state law and approved revisions to the city’s business license regulations.

Beehler says businesses doing business within the city but are located elsewhere are exempt from needing to pay the fee but still need a city issued license.

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