Licensing Authorities private-label our system to provide online license & permit application services to their constituencies, under their own banner.

Automate your license & permit application process today!

Without getting involved with software, installation, or maintenance, and without having to spend thousand of dollars in the process, we can provide you with online licensing immediately. Our Web-based license & permit application process is seamless, and allows companies to quickly and easily find business license & permit applications, fill them out online, and submit them online.

An added benefit to using our service is the ability to accept license & permit applications electronically. We can work with you to send the license & permit data electronically directly into your system. You will also be able to accept payment electronically via credit cards or other forms of electronic payment. 

Governments have been grappling with the problem of businesses operating without a valid license or permit. This problem is especially prevalent with out-of-town based service and electronic businesses. The main reason that these businesses cite for not being licensed is the difficulty involved in obtaining and filing licenses & permits remotely. By offering online licensing you will increase licensing to unimaginable levels.

You can private-label our site and display it under your own banner. Your constituents will never know that the site is not your own, while all the programming, maintenance, and processing will be done by us.

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Quick Note:

Governments, small and large, have discovered the ability to offer online license & permit applications via our site.

Don't be left out!