Enterprise Customer Testimonials

"As far as our satisfaction regarding the data provided, it is 1st Class. Please thank your team for the work they have done on this for Diebold. As Diebold moves forward in expanding our Fire related service business I am certain that we will be asking Business Licenses, LLC for data on additional states, counties and cities. Again, THANK YOU for your service to Diebold in being able to expand our business."
John Tomin, Diebold Inc.


"I want you to know that I am having a very pleasant experience with your associates now handling my business license requests. I am learning how efficient you are in handling a very cumbersome process. I love the way you all communicate through the site and then also send me a direct email. Very helpful!"
Anne Eidschun, McBride Shopa & Company (A BDO Seidman affiliate)


"Working with your company has taken all the research out of my day. You do all the leg work and research for me so it doesn't tie up my day. All I have to do is enter the information on the Web site, then wait for the permits to arrive here. Having you fill out the applications, cut the checks, and research to make sure a permit is needed saves me so much time. It's great! Your staff is great too."
Jennifer M. Wigginton, Pella Corporation


"In Teavana's case, Business Licenses, LLC handles operational licensing requirements ranging from weights and measurement to health permits. If you're doing business across all of the states like we are, you find that every agency has requirements specific and unique to their locale. We'd have to have a person doing it full time, but they can do it faster, better and a lot of cheaper than we can."
Joe Reeves, Construction Project Manager, Teavana


"Business Licenses, LLC has enabled us to get all our agencies up to date with licensing and enabled us to keep pace with our new opening and acquisitions. Without a doubt, Business Licenses, LLC has enabled us to continue our growth rate, and we look forward to doing more business with you in the future."
Janet Sheffield, Senior Tax Accountant, Amedisys, Inc.


"Reviewing the license compliance packages I must tell you that I was very impressed with the information received! It was well put together and simple to understand. I was pleasantly surprised to see tax registration included as this is often overlooked when making application for licensure. What would have taken me days to compile with phone calls and Internet research was done by your company in a timely manner, freeing me to deal with my day to day work load. You have created a process that I will definitely continue using. "
Becky Shlater, Tax and Licensing, Masco Contractor Services

Small Business Customer Testimonials

"We are so grateful for Business Licenses, LLC's services. Starting any business can be overwhelming to say the least but they have so many professionals guiding us throughout our entire process. We can't thank them enough for making our transition into entrepreneurship so smooth. Utilize their services, you won't be disappointed! "
Ashley Spriggs, BirdHaus, LLC


"I thank you very much for enlightening me on compliance issues. Not only will my business be legitimate, it will also operate in a safe way devoid of state and federal harassments. Your entity is truly a professional service provider. I wouldn't have known all this without your help and advice. Thanks again."
Creswell Larkai, Criscress Transportation Services, LLC


"During a very difficult juncture in my career, Business Licenses/LegalZoom has helped take away some of the anxiety during this transitional stage of my life. Sincerely, Jon Campbell."
Jon Campbell, Jon Campbell, LLC


"This company is very professional and makes it extremely easy to start up your dream with the type of help that they offer."
Jesus Balmaceda, MODCORSOC Fabrications, LLC


"They are punctual and cover every detail when you have a question."
Leonis Bellinger, Peohan Diamond Vault, LLC


"Outstanding and extremely easy! They have a very knowledgeable staff."
Betty Bowman, Rubble's Rock Transports LLC


"I appreciate the dedication and thoroughness of this company!"
Chondale Smith, Uzatu Records, LLC


"Your website is easy to use and its layout is very simple and helpful. Your service has so far been excellent and has surpassed my expectations."
Alejandro Vasquez, VAL Sales & Consulting, LLC