About Us

We support business licenses in every industry... including yours.

Our Mission

Business Licenses by Avalara offers business license content, software, management, and services that automate and streamline business license compliance for thousands of large and small clients. Our sizeable staff excels in state and local government compliance, research, licensing laws and regulations, software, systems, web development, and customer service.

Our Credentials

Our Repository of Business License Data

Underlying our offerings is our huge repository of current license and permit governmental data, including business license and permit information from all federal, state, county, and municipal licensing authorities across the entire United States, developed through more than two decades of R&D.

The repository includes business license and permit requirements, rules & regulations, statutes, licensing authority contact information, and hundreds of thousands of pages of license and permit forms, instructions, schedules, and other associated documents. Our research teams are in constant contact with every licensing authority, staying on top of the many ongoing changes, and bringing our customers the most up-to-date license and permit data on a silver platter. Our professional staff leaves no stone unturned in obtaining the most in-depth, extensive, and wide-ranging business license and permit information from licensing authorities at all levels of government.

Our Security Protocols

We are Type 2 SOC 2 compliant. That means our company meets the criteria for the security, availability, and confidentiality principles set forth by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). We offer the most stringent security available today to handle both customer communications and customer data. We use SSL-128 encryption, public key/private key encryption, https, and account code encryption, with further offline storing of important data. We also use the best levels of backup and redundancy to ensure the security of our customers' data.