Nevada Legislatures to Ensure Licensing Compliance by all State Businesses

A state audit has revealed that Nevada has been losing millions of dollars each year in business license fee revenue from businesses that either do not file for State of Nevada business licenses or who falsely claim an exemption from paying the license fees.

Nevada News Bureau quotes Secretary of State Ross Miller “It’s just too easy right now to get away with false or fraudulent filings that cost the state millions in lost revenue and penalize the thousands of businesses that diligently remain in good standing in Nevada.”

When Miller studied the results of the audit, he found that 22.5% of businesses licensed in their specific city and/or county are not licensed in the state. This amounts to $4 million of lost revenue to the state each year. Combined with the lost revenue of businesses claiming erroneous exemptions, makes fee licensing compliance an important task for Nevada legislatures this year.

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