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Business Licensing Difficulties

People in licensing departments describe the frustrating process of business licensing as nothing short of maddening.

For new business licenses -- required for every new location, product, or corporate change, etc. -- the issues include finding out which business licenses you are required to maintain, getting business license applications, finding business license office contact information, conducting business license research, etc.

The Web is of no help since most authorities don't post their applications on the Web, and many that do, are not making them fill-able online.

When and if you finally request the correct business license applications, you have to wait and hope that you will get the coveted forms promised to you, or you have to arrange to pick them up yourself from numerous governmental offices.

Once received, you have to fill them out manually and file away copies in dust-bins for later reference. To top it all off, you have to mail them or deliver them yourself and hope that they arrive safely. You have to go through this process over and over again for every business license and permit. The licensing difficulties can be summarized as follows:

  • Which licenses apply?
  • Who administers them?
  • How to obtain the application?
  • Grappling with filling them out, filing and saving them.

For business license renewals, the issues are:

  • Maintaining a proper due-date calendar
  • Having systematic workflow software
  • Access to a license repository for licenses and related documents
  • The ability to outsource all licensing tasks to a suitable third party
With our suite of Software, Services, and Outsourcing you can now say goodbye to all these hassles.

The Need to re-Apply for Licenses

Even if you are firmly established, you still may have a need to re-apply for licenses. Some of those occasions include:

  • A change in corporate structure
  • Adding a location
  • Putting up a sign
  • Adding a service, item, or, structure, such as an: elevator, alarm, boiler, shed, etc.
  • Delivering into new areas
  • Moving to a different location
  • Closing a location

 Pitfalls of Not Being Licensed

With pressure against raising traditional taxes municipalities are always on the lookout for alternative revenue streams, which means ever increased vigilance for business license evaders. Many even resort to hiring third party collectors. The pitfalls of not being licensed include:


  • You cannot open your new location
  • You cannot add the item, service, or structure
  • Your location will be padlocked
  • You may be hit with costly penalties and interest, or even personal liens

You can now steer clear of such agitations and be in compliance easily with the click of a button.


Saving Time and Money


 The S.C. Chamber of Commerce estimates that it takes 47 hours to fill out the state’s paperwork for a typical new business.

Our customers estimate that their licensing staff spends 50% of their time on research.

It takes approximately ½ hour per each license or permit form to just fill it out by hand.

Also consider the time spent to research, acquire, send out, and store each form.

According to Benchmark Consulting International, workers spend 500 hours a year (a quarter of each day!) searching for files and information. Additionally, a misplaced document costs $120 in expenses and lost productivity.

It costs anywhere from $15 to $50 for each check request. Priority requests cost up to $75.

Using the traditional method of manual licensing forces you to:


  • Spend hours acquiring the forms
  • Spend hours filling out the forms
  • Re-submit many rejected applications because of errors
  • Mail, fax, or hand deliver the application to the licensing authority
  • Rummage thru file cabinets, if you need to find a copy of a filed application
  • Spend an inordinate amount of time and money for each check request

We estimate that our service will save you 90% of the time you had to spend per form. Availing yourself of our services will ensure that save you lots of time and money, improve efficiency, and enhance productivity.

please contact us and a sales representative will respond shortly. You can also call our Sales Dept. at 1-800-870-0285.



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