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Emergency Power! Mayor Cleared to Pull Business Licenses Joliet, IL
March 21, 2017

By Joseph Hosey (Patch Staff)

JOLIET, IL — The Joliet City Council cleared the way for the mayor to suspend a business’ license for seven days without going through the trouble of holding a hearing.

The council voted 7-1 to allow Mayor Bob O’Dekirk to shutter a licensed business. Councilman Pat Mudron was the lone dissenter.

“I think it opens us up for litigation,” Mudron said.

At Monday night’s pre-council meeting, Inspector General Chris Regis explained that the measure was intended to “close an existing loophole in the city ordinance” and will let the mayor close down a “potentially dangerous business,” such as one where drugs are being sold.

“This gives the police department an additional tool to do their jobs,” Regis...  Read More