Business License Management System (BLMS)TM

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This business license software combines a Business License calendar, Workflow Management, License Repository, and Governmental License Data


Streamline Renewals, Access Govermental Business License Information, Gain Compliance, and Save Money with our business license software

Business licenses and permits are numerous, always in flux, and very difficult to manage. Not having the right business license software and platform is a major reason for being decentralized, out of compliance, and prone to fines, penalties, and closures. Most in-house systems are rudimentary, inefficient, and leave a lot to be desired.

Our Business License Management System, (BLMS)™, is a powerful and robust piece of business license software. It is a Web-based system that combines a business license calendar, workflow automation, license repository, and a License And Permit Electronic Library (LAPEL)™ with a massive quantity of governmental business license data, forms, statutes, and contacts, covering every licensing authority in the U.S. The system was specifically designed to enable companies to manage their business licenses.

Business License Management System (BLMS)™ enables you to store, manage, renew, and process business licenses, permits, and other government certificates quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. It  automates the entire licensing and renewal process. As an ASP system, Business License Management System (BLMS)™ is accessible at the click of a button, anytime, from anywhere, and by any authorized user.



Features of our Business License Software,  BLMS™

  • Business license calendar
  • Workflow automation
  • License certificate repository
  • License data, statutes, 100,000+ forms and docs, covering every U.S. licensing authority
  • Scan and store images, and upload documents and spreadsheets
  • Locate, sort, and filter licenses, and view in spreadsheet format
  • Track license statuses
  • Recover lost renewal notices
  • Facilitates internal check requests
  • Enables expense forecasting
  • Produces pre-defined and ad-hoc reports
  • Sends e-mail alerts for deadlines and activities
  • Interfaces with AP/GL
  • Geo-codes licensing locations
  • Our live team of licensing experts is available for on-demand research and filing assistance

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