Outsourced Business License Management

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We Manage Your Entire Business License Portfolio


Want a reliable outsourced business license management solution?

With our Outsourced Business License Management service, we become our clients'  licensing department. We maintain and renew all the required business licenses & permits with every licensing authority in the U.S. We also perform research to determine business licensing needs for every new location or activity undertaken by our clients or for any change that affects business licenses, and acquire all new licenses. We prepare all application forms, complete the  paperwork, and file them on our clients' behalf with relevant licensing authorities.

We maintain a business license due-date calendar that alerts us to all of a company's renewals, and we file all renewals on a timely basis, ensuring full compliance in every location. With this service, we also procure business licenses & permits and distribute them to locations designated by the client.

Our business license due-date calendar, as well as our online filing system, are fully transparent and accessible to our clients 24/7/365., enabling clients to review all past, pending, and historical license filings.

Business license outsourcing is the best solution in today's economy when businesses are shedding people, and those remaining are overworked and understaffed. Governments are ever more vigilant in enforcing compliance. Being non-compliant may entail penalties, interest, and closings. Once a company outsources its business license management to us, it no longer needs to worry about any business license compliance aspect. We take care of every minor licensing detail.




  • Researching business license requirements
  • Maintaining an online user-accessible  due-date calendar
  • Receiving and managing licensing-related mail
  • Proactively contacting licensing authorities for renewal paperwork
  • Compiling company information to properly prepare the license applications
  • Handling all renewals, new licenses, and all license-related filings
  • Completing all the paperwork
  • Cutting checks for governmental licensing fees
  • Filing with all the licensing authorities
  • Distributing licenses to locations specified by clients
  • Maintaining electronic copies of licenses and related paperwork
  • Pursuing missing licenses
  • Providing an audit trail of all activities
  • Discovering fraudulent filing requests


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Outsourced Business License Management


Leading Fortune companies use our Outsourced Business License Management service to save costs, eliminate fines and penalties, and to become fully compliant. By outsourcing to us, you can redirect valuable resources more efficiently and strategically. Turn to us, and allow your internal resources to concentrate on core capabilities.

  • Outsource your business license management to us
  • Save time, personnel, and resources
  • Save money
  • Expedite the business license process
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