Gap Analysis and License Verification Services

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Identifying the Gaps in Companies' Business Licenses


Think you have no gaps in your business license compliance? Think again.

We analyze companies' licenses to find  out if there are any gaps between what the company has and what is required. Based on a company's business activities and locations, we first perform research to determine compliance requirements. We then analyze the company's  existing licenses. The resulting comparison is compiled into a Analysis Report to outline the gaps, if any.

An adjunct service is License Verification. With License Verification, we verify the status of companies' licenses, permits, and tax registrations with relevant licensing authorities. When a license has expired we will obtain detailed information on how to reactivate it.




  • Identifying gaps in companies' licenses, permits, and tax registrations, by comparing existing licenses with required licenses.
  • Producing a Analysis report which includes: A list of the existing licenses as well as an outline of the missing licenses.
  • Verification of license status with relevant authorities.
  • Production of a detailed report, listing licenses, status, expiration date, and required actions to reactivate expired licenses.

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Gap Analysis and License Verification

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