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Business License Management System (BLMS)™ A comprehensive license management platform
A powerful Web-based license management system that enables companies to manage their license portfolio, efficiently and cost-effectively. License certificates are stored electronically for instant access when an inspector shows up.
BLMS™ features workflow automation to apply for and renew licenses, a database to store license data including entities, locations, licenses, filings, payments, etc., and a due-date calendar to track renewals, inspections, and other licensing related tasks. BLMS™ is integrated with an electronic library of current governmental license data and forms (LAPEL™), providing users with all governmental license information and documents at their fingertips.
BLMS™ is accessible at the click of a button, anytime, from anywhere, and by all authorized users. Contact Us at 1-800-870-0285 or find out more [scroll to top]
License and Permit Electronic Online Library (LAPEL)™ Current governmental license data and forms
A vast online repository of business license, permit, and tax registration information, covering every industry and regulated business activity. For each license, you can find license authority contact information, web sites, rules and regulations, application forms, fee schedules, and other associated documents. LAPEL™ features over 100,000 digitized current documents, encompassing almost every licensing authority in the U.S. Forms are in PDF format, completely fill-able, and once filled out can be archived indefinitely for later reference. Contact Us at 1-800-870-0285 or find out more [scroll to top]

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